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Instructor Rafael Mello started training in Martial Arts at age 12 in Brazil. He studied Judo at Pepino academy for a year in the city of Higienópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Instructor Rafael tried different martial arts such as Kung Fu and Karate, but intrigue by how Jiu-Jitsu fighters were first dominating the UFC he decided Jiu-Jitsu would be the most effective martial art to embrace. Rafael met Sensei Edson Carvalho in the year of 2004. However, he only begin training Judo/Jiu-Jitsu under Sensei Edson in August 2008 as a white belt and has trained with Sensei ever since.

Rafael competed in Naga tournaments as white and blue belts. Rafael’s class consists of lots of physical exercises, follows by jiu-jitsu drills and Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Rafael has been teaching since his purple belt and he enjoys passing his knowledge to motivated students.

Instructor Rafael Mello

BJJ Brown Belt

​Judo Brown Belt

instructor rafael mello