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What happens during class?

The first thing the children learn is to pay attention, obey, respect, order, and good behavior. We delay teaching fighting because very young children cannot concentrate and only want to play. But soon they want to copy the older kids and in this way they adapt easily to the rest of the group.  As previously mentioned we use Recreational Judo; kids have fun and learn at the same time.

  • Motor Coordination: activities that work every muscle in the body and also benefit the cardiovascular system.
  • Cognitive Development: agility exercises, reflexes and reasoning.
  • Emotional Development: teachings of discipline, respect, organization, responsibility, obedience and execution of tasks (school, family and social).
  • Social Development: activities for pairs or groups; it provides interaction and socialization with other children.

The classes last 1 hour; at first there are greetings between the Sensei (teacher) and the Disciples (students), followed by stretching and gym workouts. All body parts are warmed and exercised in a subtle way, best suited for children’s muscles and body structures. 


Team Carvalho has worldwide recognition in the martial arts field; it employs highly qualified professionals to teach your child everything he or she needs to develop good psych-motor skills through Recreational Judo.  We believe that any and all efforts dedicated to shaping a child's life is valid as long as it’d done with competence, responsibility, knowledge and appropriate techniques. We work with children 4 years old and older. Our work is based on Judo techniques, its philosophy is of Japanese origin and it’s founded on forming characters through sport. 

Judo is practiced by both sexes and it has contributed greatly with parents and teachers in helping children's development. In some countries such as France and Japan, Judo is such an important sport that it is part of the school curriculum. The child that practices Judo develops muscles gently. Many orthopedic physicians recommend Judo during childhood, because they believe that it’s a good for normal development in this stage of life without compromising growth and physical structures. The practice of a sport is essential to motivate a child all around. It helps children occupy their minds with healthy thoughts and attitudes and it develops the body in a healthy way. 

Don't worry, these questions are perfectly normal and are asked by parents that worry about their children's well being. In this regard, Team Carvalho serves as an incentive to change bad habits and develop abilities that will help his or her overall growth. The abilities that your son or daughter will acquire with Team Carvalho, will help them develop as human beings and become confident, attentive, disciplined, responsible, respectful of others, better adjusted socially, with good motor and cognitive coordination, more agile, with good reflexes, self-esteem, self-knowledge, and self-control in any situation that life brings them.     

The importance of the Judo in your child’s development: 

Lil Lions JUDO (kids judo PROGRAM Ages 4-6) 

improve the quality of your child's life

Is your child full of energy? Is your child shy? Is your child in need of physical activity? Would you like to see a dramatic improvement in your child's overall behavior? Do you want your child prepared mentally and physically for a successful future full of sports participation and physical education? Then our kids Judo program is for you!